by Mental Crutch

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released March 11, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: Treesus (feat. David, Anthony, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, a tree, John the Apostle, Jesus Christ, Dr.Shlomo, and an ant [Story about safe sex (Not abstinence)])
Feet, ass, face and eyes
There's nothing that I don't adore
I even love your lower thigh
I'd lick your cum right off the floor

Sticky hot cum, on your nose
We just had rough hot sex
And then I rose
From my slumber

Sex with you is a dream
It feels so real
You make me cream
Your vagina is an eel

Slither slither, come hither
I barely know you
You make me dither
Says I, when I'm with her

Slide my dick between your toes
You start my fluids
My semen flow
You're a cum druid

Lick your eyeballs, lick your
You're a dame
You've got no fame
But this ain't no game
Cause I still came

How's your anus?
How's Neptune?
How's Mars?
How's Jupiter?
How's your vagina?
HOw's your Venus? I mean penis
How's your earth?
How's your mercury poisoning?

(Music stops)

Knock knock it's me
Right in the hood, throwing back some 40's
From my homie Trayvon and MIcheal Jordies
Sipping on leen, smoking that weed
That good ass kush, fuck that nigga Bush.
Where were you in 9/11?
I wasn't even seven.
I didn't know my dad.
Now I know he's in Iraq

(SWAG starts repeating in background)
I got that soldier swag.
Look at my do g tags
Killing those sandniggas in rags
PUtting them in body bags

I do all this shit for Bush
He gave me my first dose of kush
We listened to YYZ by Rush
Oh shit, fuck an ambush.

Set this nigga to Iraq to fight a war
WHile I'm in my office banging this whore
Oh shit man, her pussy tore
Is that little Jeb looking through the door?

(Cut to Jeb, 2016)
Holy fuck, I am a chump
I got fucked by Donald Trump
He made my campaign into a dump
I think I"ll sit on this tree stump

Hey I am the giving tree
I will let you sit on me
I will tell you a story
Just promise not to pee on me

This nigga John was an apostle
Now he's just a shitty fossil
His boy Jesus was docile
But his bladder he did jostle

Thou art taketh a mighty piss
I got a break from my nigga jesus
I henceforth come here for my respite
Thine robes begone to thy abyss

Piss piss piss
Jesus jesus jesus
(TREE)What the fuck?
(John) What is this? A talking tree?

I feel Satan in this tree.
Why's he talking to my homie?
Oh shit, my rhinoplasty
I wil be BRB

Hey, I'm Dr.Shlomo
I'm giving this dirty hobo
A nose fit for a king of Roma
If I fail, it's another shoah
Oy vey a pesky ant

I'm here having sex
WIth my girlfriend, and my ex
I'm cumming on their antenna's
Nothing sexier, listen up fellas.
Sex is a marvelous thing
But take care of your ding-a-ling
STD's are dangerous
Wear a condom, it's no big fuss